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Natural Hair RulesTo Live By

Tips We love . Try adopting these rules and see major results in your hair length .

Why is having rules important for healthy natural hair growth ?

When growing your natural hair you will quickly see it's a lifestyle. To become your own hair goals, it takes significant effort and attention to your specific hair type, porosity, density and width.

Hair is like a plant: the more you water it, feed it with good stuff, and protect it from the elements and harmful habits , you’ll see it grow fast.

Here are a few more hair top that you will help you understand your hair and your new lifestyle .

moisture starts with wash day.

Clarifying your hair is one of the most important pieces to maintaining natural hair – dirty hair means that your hair cannot absorb any further moisture underneath all that buildup.

There are many different shampoos to choose from, but two main shampoos all naturals should have are moisturizing shampoos and clarifying shampoos.

Deep conditioning weekly is a non-negotiable when it comes to natural hair rules. The goal of deep conditioning is to condition, fortify and soften the hair, prepping it for our leave-in stylers.

You should always make it a point to deep condition after shampooing

to combat the stripping effects of the shampoo. Look for deep conditioners that contain emollients, fatty alcohols, and are rich in plant extracts.

Leave-in conditioners are a must for all natural hair types, regardless of curl type, porosity, hair density or width.

Not only do leave in conditioners for natural hair provide a source of moisture until the next wash day, they condition the hair and reduce friction between the hair.

Curly and coily hair experience curl interlocking, meaning that the curls and coils tend to tangle on top of one another. This causes deep tangles and knotting, resulting in accelerated breakage and shedding, if left unchecked.

Leave-in conditioners provide enough friction-reducing conditioning agents that keep your curls in check. So not skip your leave in conditioner.

Coupled with a plant-based, botanical gel, your coils will be both tangle and frizz-free for days!

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Anni Loc

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