Anni Whitt better known as rapper Anni Loc was born on an army base in Tacoma, Washington. She spent her early childhood years traveling with her parents whom met each other while serving in the U.S military. As a child, Anni Loc dreamed to be a famous performer or actress. She memorized and recited her first monologue at age 5 in East St Louis, Illinois where she attended Elementary School for one year.She continued to be active in plays, won talent shows throughout her School years and was chosen to sing lead in the church choir and several school performances.


         As a teenager Anni came in contact with another form of expression. Spoken word/rap. It was a culture she quickly became apart of.The guys gather around and take turns rapping about whatever comes to mind. She was the only female in the school who hopped in these circles and kept up pace with the boys, quickly becoming known in classes as a rapper.


Though not gang affiliated, Anni Loc got her name when she joined a group of older neighbors in a rap battle and impressed everybody with 16 bars she had already written. That was the first time she heard "keep writing" and that's exactly what she did. After 10 years of free styling and writing rhymes for fun, for self expression and attention Anni Loc  surfaced  as a  brand new artist  on the Underground Hip Hop scene in 2009. 


Anni Loc's very first time rapping on a stage was in Toledo ,Ohio at an open mic night. There she won first place which consisted of a cash prize and free studio time. (June 2009). Her first song was recorded that week and she was featured in Rapper's delight magazine explaining, "Who Is Anni Loc?". " I just feel ready to take on the world," she gushed about her new found popularity. During that time she moved from Toledo, Ohio (where she was raised) and relocated to Tampa, Florida where she did shows, hosted mix tapes and shot her first music video.


The excitement of having fans and supporters was what always gave her the push to become great.


" There is no feeling like the one you get when a person you have never met walks up to tell you that your music, persona or lyrics has touched them deeply. It's always made me see myself as a star because of people's reaction to my talent. Its one thing in my life I am actually  very humble about . I'm still very flattered by compliments and praise. It has taught me to appreciate my talent for what it is a lot more."

-Anni Loc

The new found lifestyle and career of the Florida rapper was short lived. In 2010 her film features and dreams of performing huge shows came to a halt. That year, indictments came out including Anni Loc in an ongoing organized crime investigation stemming from her past. She was taken into Federal custody October 2011 and officially disappeared from the Florida music scene.

Nine years later, Anni Loc is free again and has one solid foot preparing to stomp down in the industry. " I never got to show myself to the world or share my talent. Now I feel that everything happened for a reason and its important I can share my story. I've grown and  I'm able to talk about alot of things I couldn't touch on back then.  I mostly want to be someone who is REAL. Not glamorous all the time but very down to earth is how I want my fans to see me. When you put my songs on I want people to hear my voice and my words as if Im just a friend who is in your room with you."

-Anni Loc

Currently in 2019, Anni Loc is preparing to release her very first official music project. (Mixtape info and promo coming soon.)

She has written and directed an independent film and is looking forward to doing much more.