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You have rappers that are entertaining , then you have rappers who actually lived the life they talk about. When you get a rapper like Anni Loc who is already respected and has gone through real things , it creates that following that cannot be touched by anyone else. Thats because everyone else is just entertaining. With this kid, there is no gimmick needed. There is no persona to create because she is such a character in her own right. This is a trait that is coveted by any gangster rapper. Rap is an art form that can take a person from the suburbs on a journey through the hood. They can turn the music on and listen to stories with out the risk of being hurt or shot at.

"That's my understanding of hip hop and I feel that's why this culture I love gets a bad wrap. We get accused of promoting bad things, but I say its only being promoted if its fiction. When its real its my truth and I have a right to share it." - Anni Loc

"I feel that the advice I give and the things I say in my songs can apply to anyone. Especially the ones I really want to reach, which is , the types of females who are like me." -Anni Loc

But who is really like her? Behind the lights and laughter, there is a deeper side to this artist. Sitting in perfect model posture , wearing comfortable baggy pants

with a bikini top, Anni Loc's abs are clearly another part of her brand. We see them over and over again .

I take a moment to admire this rare breed of woman. Every inch of her presence screams "high class." I cant even put my finger on what it is about her that gives you the upscale vibe. Beautifully Slayed Hair , Elegant dresses and her unique pitched (semi-yelling at you ) voice are all things that make her a brand . Her voice gives you the feeling of being lectured by an older sister or dare I say... a mob boss.

"When you look past my music career and the the businesses I run ( Queens Castle Clothing. Royalty African Hair Braiding , Envy TV, King's Castle

Photography & Videography), Im just a regular girl from Toledo, Ohio.

"We have seen the ratchet side of our women. I see on social media that the fans complain about it and arent impressed with recent over- sexualized music from females in the industry. At the same time I realize that when nothing is selling, sex always will. I am not saying Im clean and wholesome . Its just that the substance is a little weak. When I use to listen to hip hop, it spoke to me . I felt like I knew Erykah Badu, Lil Boosie and Eminem. I just dont get that vibe from any female artist recently. Im sure some people do , but I want to fill that gap and reach girls who want tips and life lessons that dont involve becoming a prostitute. I wish someone told the harsh realities of that world honestly. They make it sound really fun when they know it wasn't.

" I also understand that some female artists feel they have to rap about sex or they notice less streams and less attention. I get that part of it , and that gives me more the reason I should keep pushing and make sure my large debut track

is not on that subject. That would put me into a box with the huge ocean of Instagram #Femalerappers who get popular and compete with each other by constantly posting twerk videos and reciting very basic lyrics. I would do myself a disservice by joining that crowd."

" I lived the life of being a sex object before and I was groomed to be seductive since I jumped off the porch at 16, so the last thing I would want is my butt cheeks plastered all over posters , ads and videos in the name of something I love : HIP HOP. ''

" I would not want any company or label using my sexuality as a cash cow , Especially when the male artists dont have to do the same . It's out of the question and it over shadows the art. I want the focus on the music, my voice and my visual projects so I would ABSOLUTELY turn down any deal that isn't in alignment with my vision.

Article Written By James Boyd

Freelance Writer/ Blogger

Learn more about Anni Loc: Anniloc.com

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