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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

This is a fun game Ri played recently

during math class as a math activity. Rihanna’s math curriculum also consists of some computer work. I like to use games and activities as a way to study and keep her mind familiar with the things she has learned. The more Rihanna learns, the more she wants to learn. She is also very excited and well aware of when she’s doing something correctly.


1. Game Pieces / mini cookies,skittles, small trucks or any other small item that can fit in the circle. 2. Poster Board or Sheet of Blank Paper

How to play:

Start by drawing several circles , then put numbers above each circle. Teach as you write . This is an opportunity to talk about circles .

The child can get some practice writing their name , or help you spell it . (We name and date all our work.)

You can take it a step further by spelling each number . I lost my daughter’s attention a little when I when I wrote one out. She made a few letter sounds as we went over it but she was not excited about it, so I continued with the math activity.

You can start by verbalizing the numbers and encourage the child to do so. I pointed to each number and we placed the proper amount of wood blocks on it.

Because it was RiAnnas first time playing, I focused on making her understand how it goes .She watched attentively and on #5 she was grabbing blocks on her own and placing them as I counted to five .

Depending on your child’s skill level , you can add different twists to make it more of a game. Try making this chart using random numbers and ask them to place the proper amount of game pieces in the circles. After they are done , check them and praise them each for correct answer.

I hope you enjoyed the article and can use this activity or one similar to play an educational game with your toddler or special needs child. FOR MORE GAMES , HACKS AND PARENTING TIPS , Follow This Blog.

-Aniesha Brock

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