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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Need a few ways to get or keep his attention? Read Ahead Sis...

Men and women are always looking for ways to get or keep the attention of the opposite sex. There are many many tips and tricks that have been passed down from generation to generation. However, certain secret ancient knowledge is reserved for the few . Its so simple, that some of the smartest girls have trouble understanding that men are so basic. Its easy. The best way to attract the man you want is to listen to the way men think.

Today I wont get deep into major tips, but I will start at the surface. Whats the first thing we can easily polish? The way we look! This is why I have such a love for fashion. So many doors can be opened for you just by the way you look or carry yourself. While I cannot guarantee you that dream job or your Prince Charming, I am very confident I can get you pretty close to the guy you have your eyes on. Cool? Ok . Great!

But there is one thing you must agree on before we begin. I site my information from actual men. Can we both agree that although they are all different, The majority of men KNOW in general what men like and are attracted to?

If you are wondering what to wear to help your crush find you more attractive, here are 6 Simple Looks To Make Him Notice You .


Some men say they just don’t know what it is about the ponytail that makes them attracted to it but I believe I do know. Hair is a major factor in the way a person looks. Its one of the main ways we describe someone. Its no surprise that hair is what we often find ourselves looking at, especially nice hair.

Its the same way long hair sways near your rear end(making you a tad sexier) , the long ponytail is swaying over ( and bringing attention to) your shoulders. The fact that the hair is pulled up , is leaving your neck and shoulders exposed which is a bit of a tease compared to wearing it down. To be at your cutest, try this subtle look .It does something to them. Trust me.


Don’t ask me why. Hell, I do not know why…but men love when you have an effortless look. A summer dress is a comfortable harmonious outfit that flows from top to bottom. While very feminine, sundresses remind men of a night gown which also makes it something super sexy. Cut your glam time in half, shower, throw on a flowy dress and go hang out with him . You never want a man to think you are trying too hard, but you don’t need to look like you didn’t try at all. The sexiness in the innocent sundress is that its suggestive. You can guess just what he is thinking.


If you have been skipping out on this one detail ,

you are losing major points in the attractiveness department. Add dazzle to your facial area with large gold hoop earrings. Not only do they make every single outfit look better, they ensure your man will want to look twice after the first glance. Hoop earrings seem to have this affect. Never skimp on the bling. You are a walking work of art. Being something to stare at takes effort. Not a whole lot but the attempt to try these tips is usually enough to see that it works.


So maybe the fact that I am a stylist makes me realize the magical effect that hair has on people. I totally love it. That is why I’m proud to present to you …Look #4 for making a man notice you. Wild and loose hair makes them do a double take. This is just facts! Wild, Soft, and Loose looks make a guy think you are a fun and free type of person. And you are, right!? You can pull this look off with any outfit.

Since 2020 started and we have been inside I have turned up on my skincare and hair care routines. More and more I have been finding that my natural look is quite appealing to my husband. The low maintenance look has always had an appeal on men that other women just do not understand. But that is why we aren’t listening to women when trying to please our man. Amen Ladies? Amen


Im a huge fan of sparkles and glitter and everything that glimmers. I know “glitter” doesn’t cross your mind as a simple look but when you pair a sequin top with a nice pair of jeans, you have a look to die for. Both men and women WILL turn their heads when you walk into a room wearing anything from my Glitter Glam Collection. If shimmery pants or top isn’t quite your style, you can always opt for a shiny sequined clutch or purse. Its your choice which item you pick, but if your aim is to be noticed, you may want to take a small step outside your usual comfort zone .


When you wear something classy, you want it to literally scream “SEX”. So that you don’t cross the line into being trashy, use the rule. Ready for it? Choose which part of your body will be exposed. If your top has the back out, belly showing or cleavage exposed, I would recommend covering your legs. If your legs will be out, cover the top half of your body. This rule is important and will ensure you are leaving just enough to the imagination. Wearing the wrong thing around his friends or if he thinks you walk around that way will have a negative effect on how he sees you. You want his attention but you don’t want him to see you as desperate. Another rule: Try Heels. A standard pair of Heels make an everyday outfit something classy and takes away the friend zone vibe that you want to avoid.

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