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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

We have all seen girls or women out and about wearing a wig or a weave that looks well...flaky around the edges. Some days , you may have even been that girl. Either way, its a dreadful look and makes some people steer clear away from the "lace" hairstyles. While I have found that not all edge tamers are created equal, most of them do leaves flakes. tIts NOT a good look! Please don't be that girl.

Watch this quick video where I show you first hand how to avoid going out looking like Mrs Frosted Flake. The main rule is to take time in the morning to clean your edges and lay them all over again. This needs to be done everyday . Lace wigs and Frontals do require maintenance. The method Im going to show you is quick and easy using rubbing alcohol. If you choose to lift and wet the lace to fully shampoo the flakes ( just in front) you will need to blow dry it also. This is not a get up and go hairstyle.

For my ladies out there wondering about stopping flakes on their real hairline: Do Not use rubbing alcohol. Its dries and can cause breakage to your hair. You simply MUST clean the edges every morning before using the edge taming product. Layering fresh edge control over the (left over) edge control from yesterday is a no no . Its a sure way to look flaky and dusty... and we don't do that now do we ?

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