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Have you ever seen a woman ( hopefully not in the mirror) whose face seems dried out? Everyone knows I love a great party, but when there is alcohol involved, your skin can get very dehydrated.

There is something in our skin called protein fibers. Collagen and elastin depend on protein fibers to keep the skin firm , plump and without wrinkles . Things like a high sugar level in the body damages these fibers.

Combined with lack of sleep ( from partying!), sugar and alcohol could be double teaming your skin making things not so good. A lot of the body's repair process happens during sleep. We are basically sacrificing our skin's turnover and repair process the party Gods.

No matter what your skin type is, you will need to re-hydrate and plump up those skin cells. Luckily there are facial masks for every skin type.

Having thoughts about getting serious about skincare? No worries. To make things less confusing we have listed 5 different kinds of masks you will see at the store and also our favorites in each category.


Cream masks come in many forms: Kaolin masks, antioxidant masks, masks designed to brighten, hydrate, reduce the appearance of wrinkles or help fight blemishes. Choose the mask that best addresses your skin concern, then spread a thin layer on your cleansed face.

Anni's Favorite : Noxema Original Deep Cleaning Cream


People have been using clay for centuries to improve the health of their skin and hair. Clay facial masks are made up of one of several types of clay, such as kaolin or bentonite. It's thought that these masks have several benefits, like absorbing excess oil, helping manage dry skin, and preventing acne.

Anni's Favorite : Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay


Gel masks are infused with collagen and antioxidants that help the skin with recovery .They offer total rehydration of the skin.

Anni's Favorite : Vivo Per Lei 24K Gold Face Mask


Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum. The sheet is made up of variety of materials including papers, fibers or gel types. ... Sheet mask is generally used once and it is individually packaged, making them fast, convenient, and easy to use.

Anni's Favorite : Garnier Moisture Bomb


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal a brighter complexion. Exfoliating masks are a form of chemical exfoliation which draw out any surface debris that may clog pores, leaving skin brighter, smoother and more even-toned. Exfoliate only once a week.

Anni's Favorite: Eraorganics Revive Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

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