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These are so good and easy to make.


Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix

3 Tablespoons of water

1/2 Cup of Vegetable Oil

2 Eggs

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

1.Follow Instructions on the box to make the fudge brownie mix.

2.Pour the batter into a greased cupcake pan. Its best to use cupcake liners so its easier to remove the brownies when they are done.

3. Bake according to what the box says. baking time varies for lighter and darker pans. Tip: Check the brownies 5 mins early to see if they are ready.

Brownies are done when you can stick a fork close to the edge and it comes out clean .

4. Let them cool 5 minutes, then Remove brownies from the pan.

5. Cut them in half

6. Use an ice cream scooper or tablespoon to put ice cream in the middle, creating a sandwich.

7. Immediately place the sandwiches into a Tupperware container with a lid and place them in the freezer

Tip: Let brownies fully cool down because the heat will cause the ice cream to begin melting. If this happens, do not panic! Also dont try to eat them before freezing unless you plan to put it in a bowl and enjoy it with a spoon .

8 Freeze at least two hours

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