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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

  1. HEIGHT: I am 5ft 6 inches tall

  2. SHOE SIZE : Womens 8- In sneakers I wear a Youth 6.5

  3. SMOKE : NO

  4. DRINK : Red Wine, Peach Moscato

  5. AGE YOU GET MISTAKEN FOR: In hair school a year go, classmates thought I was around 25. I am actually 36 , but people almost always assume I am a few years younger than I am.

  6. FAVORITE MOVIE: Natural Born Killers

  7. I WILL LOVE YOU IF : You are easy to laugh

  8. MY LAST TEXT SAYS: "your order was dropped off". I had doordash McDonalds earlier .

  9. WHAT I FIND ATTRACTIVE IN WOMEN : (NO HOMO) I am happily married but nothing beats a girl who doesnt have a hater bone in her body . So many females are so insecure , they resort to hating on others. I find that silly because no matter how beautiful, one thing Ive learned about women( from models to mothers) is we ALL have insecurities.

  10. MY CHILDHOOD CAREER CHOICE : I wanted to be a Dentist or an astronaut .

  11. WHO I WISH I COULD BE : No one. I appreciate the person God created me to be. I think everyone should feel the same .

  12. WHERE WOULD I LIKE TO LIVE : Near the beach, Florida or Cali.

  13. BIGGEST PET PEEVES : I hate being interrupted. I dont like my name repeated more than once . I dont like impatience and I have a gang of other quirks because I live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I dont know how I developed it.


  15. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BRAIDING : Since I was a child I braided dolls hair. At 12 I started to braid with weave for money

  16. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MODELING : I began modeling at 15 years old. Then I was 5ft 6 and 110 llbs. I did fashion week in Detroit and in Charlotte as well as some music videos. Today I am the same height but 145 llbs . I am signed with Jon Casablanca's MTM agency in Tampa , Fl

  17. TATTOOS: I have 6 tattoos

  18. SOMEONE YOU MISS : My dad who died from cancer last year

  19. A FACT ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY : I can light up a room and be the life of a party even if I dont feel like it . I can manipulate the energy in a room to make ppl more lively

  20. PIERCINGS: Just my ears

  21. CARTOON CRUSH : Jonny Bravo

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