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10 Things To Remember When You Feel Depressed

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

All females have insecurities and that's one reason we should be nicer and more accepting of one another. In a way it makes us all connected in this thing we call woman hood. Just because you are having a bad day (or week), does not mean you have to stay in that dark place. Sometimes we see someone who always seems to be in good spirits and look beautiful and we can become envious of her. Why not use that same energy to find ways to be feel better about our own lives. After all that "perfect/ popular / lucky girl you despise...She is not much different from you. She is a female and a human being with the same emotions and negative thoughts you encounter.

No matter what your shape or size is, your talents or flaws....we all have these. Its up to you to refine and sharpen your positive traits. No one else can do it for you. Thats the beauty of it. Its YOUR choice and YOUR power to get an understanding of . You can wallow in self pity if you so choose , but I guarantee that at least TRYING to feel better is much healthier than feeling low.

This is Your Reminder To be Gentle With Yourself . Be Kind. Be Loving .

  1. If you feel socially anxious, shy and just uncomfortable in social situations , just know that you are doing so well. I know your heart may be racing , your palms may be sweating and you may not be sure where to look , but that's absolutely fine. You are not weird. Im the same way more often than I would like to admit. Just play it cool. You got this.

2. This is another one for my socially anxious girls. The scenarios you keep imagining over and over because you are worried they might happen , probably wont . try to think of the potential positives instead of the scary stuff.

3. DO NOT torture your self with negative thoughts . All you are doing is ruining a potentially great present moment. I know it is hard but you deserve so much better than mind that constantly puts you down.

4. If you are reading this I want you to put your hand on your heart and feel its strong beat drumming against your finger tips. Feel its rhythm. Feel its steadiness. Feel its power. Close your eyes and realize your heart is beating for a reason . You have purpose. No matter how dark your current situation may seem , your heart is fighting to find the light. dont fight against it. Fight with it and know that you have so much potential; Great things await you , my love.

5. Life is not perfect. Making mistakes , messing up and things going wrong on your journey is often depicted as a type of failure. But you are not failing, darling . Life is a mess. Life is turbulent , and that is absolutely normal . the road is bumpy. You will struggle . You will face hard days. You will cry. You will watch the world fall apart around you . But you will also watch it being rebuilt . There is beauty in destruction. You may be a mess. Everyone is...but that is what makes you beautiful and special . Never forget that .

6.Feeling sensitive and emotional is ok. We are girls. Its what we do best . Feeling like you are about to tear up , feeling weak and as if you have reached your limit - all of this is ok. You are not overreacting . You are not being dramatic. You are not abnormal. Let the tears roll. Let your emotions out. let the pain come. You need to feel it in order to heal . You matter and your feelings are never invalid. Never. Ever .

7. You cant hate yourself into happiness. You cant criticize yourself into being thin. you cannot shame yourself into being worthy. Real change begins with self love and self care.

8. The most important day is the day you decide you are good enough for you. Its the day you set yourself free.

9. Dont tolerate people who dont make you feel happy. The only way to make this a rule in your life is by knowing that its THE ONLY way to be happy . Seek connections , not validation.

10. As a rule just remember:

The happier you are , the more beautiful you become. Always remember you deserve to be happy and successful my love. You deserve it. If you cant make yourself believe that, no one will.


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